on Saturday, April 30, 2011
Red Eclipse

Red eclipse is an interesting shooter (FPS) based on the popular videogame engine Cube 2 so that the graphics physics and other important elements of the game will be very similar to the original engine but major changes were made to reach Red Eclipse a game very similar to titles like Counter Strike or the aforementioned Cube 2.

The game has a lot of weapons so that the user can choose and in this sense is very similar to the Halo multiplayer and we can even find enough light saber can hurt your enemies or you can hurt you and that all units in the game will have all weapons at their disposal.

As for the game's graphics I must say they are pretty good though somewhat similar to other known games but still leads us into a world filled with fantastic scenery and quite worked, and similarly the Sound effects are nothing so bad in this sense is an exceptional game. Get the game