on Friday, April 22, 2011
CarArena Download

CarArena is a car racing game with beautiful graphics and simple gameplay with its varied game modes make it really special. The game allows us to drive different cars and to do it you need to be expert of the tracks.

The game, as its name implies that somehow we will have to compete with several cars on tracks filled with sand, ouch driving them is not exactly easy, similarly, the tracks are so many they even have the chance to drive on snow or in closed tracks.

The game itself offers us five different circuits which is quite entertaining that we can use without having to go through several blocks pile. With not much system requirements just having a team of at least 800 MHz processor and at least 256 MB of RAM, even less but this is recommended.

Finally say that CarArena is available for both Linux and Windows, that is, the game is multiplatform, so that's also an interesting alternative to Super Tux Cart, which is a very similar game to Linux. But if you want to acquire this game then you have to download it…