on Friday, April 15, 2011
America's Army: Special Forces

America's Army: Special Forces is a game of war where we can simulate what it feels to be in the great and indestructible American army so if you've always wanted to do that because this is your big chance to do so, we must say that it is not easy because the training is pretty hard. So you do not have to let you win so easy. But all the training worth it since you face danger big enough where you can only go out with the help of what you have learned something certainly not forget you for any reason.

From the beginning you can create your character with which you fight against the terrorists who are the opponents of the United States as we all know what will not be easy to end up with this entire terrorist group. The best of this game is in addition to being free and it has a mode where up to 32 players can play simultaneously as reality becomes closer.

Graphics not only for being free means that they are bad but the opposite is one of the best things you have and you'll leave with all the possible desire to play for as long as we can. If you are a person who lean by the type of games where you do not have to pay anything but want something nice and made of quality because this is certainly the ideal for you. Well, at last if you like this game then click to download.