on Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Vizati [FINAL] PC Game Download

Vizati is a puzzle game that will put your mind to the test.

You have to rotate a magical cube to connect (group) the little vizati stones by color and figure out the best way to do it with a limited number of rotations/moves.
You can play the Story Mode and follow the story between Julie and Peter who discovered the Vizati cube, or play the Arcade Mode, which is a rawer, faster and even more teasing mode.

* Use gravity to make the stones connect by rotating and flipping the Vizati cube
* 50 Story Levels
* Rich art style hand drawn in HD (720p)
* Beautiful music
* Arcade mode with special Vizati stones
* 2 distinct Arcade modes
* Support for Xbox360 controller

Vizati v1.0 | 73 MB