on Wednesday, March 16, 2011

aTomb Raider Trilogy  (PS3)

The company Eidos released a compilation of three games under one title Tomb Raider Trilogy in HD, which includes games such as Tomb Raider: Legend, Tomb Raider: Anniversary and Tomb Raider: Underworld.

Description of 'Legend': 
All fans of the legendary Lara Croft expects this holiday. Thanks to a nice innovation and excellent animation new game series guarantees you a lot of fun. Miss Croft has always kept pace with the times, and a new episode of her wandering opsnyh - Tomb Raider Legend on the exception. Modern graphics technology brought a charming heroine face almost to perfection. But scientific progress will equip with the latest technology. Developers radically revised the management and animation of the protagonist.
Description 'Anniversary': 
For ten years the legendary Lara Croft plundering not only the treasures of the ancient - she steals the hearts of players. In her fall in love, about her to make films on her dream to be like girls. The whole world fades from one mention of her name - the path from an ordinary video game heroine to the star of first magnitude is passed! But who remembers how to begin the ascent Tomb Raider? Tomb Raider: Anniversary will take you back to the top of a legend and will, finally, the answers to the mysterious riddles of the past.
In Tomb Raider: Anniversary players returning to the events of the earliest adventures of Lara. While still a young and inexperienced, the heroine makes a deal with a powerful crime syndicate and is committed to find a mystical artifact Sayen. But, realizing that she was merely a pawn in someone else's evil plans, Miss Croft decides to take matters into their own hands! What is really is an ancient relic, and what fate awaits its owner - the answers must be sought in the dark catacombs!
Description 'Underworld': 
Earth is fraught with many exciting mysteries and scary secrets. They do not roll under your feet, but they could still be found. The main thing - to believe in the mystical puzzle, imagine what treasures hide forbidding mountains and ocean depths, to listen to their ancestors and carefully to get a grasp of myth and legend. However, there are things that humanity is better not to know. They are so alien and dangerous that they could wipe out civilization itself, turning the city into a cloud of dust ...
And yet, some adventurers do not stop even that. Lara Croft - the famous "Tomb Raider" - never paid attention to such bans. She indulged in the wildest adventures and not just hung in the balance of death, but until now she was lucky. Whether luck will smile again? Studies have shown that the legendary Thor's Hammer, the weapon that can raze the mountains to the land and destroy the gods, there! And it's better to miss Croft to get to it first ...

Tomb Raider Trilogy  (PS3)

Tomb Raider Trilogy  (PS3)

Tomb Raider Trilogy  (PS3)