on Monday, March 07, 2011
THQ and Kaos Studios have made available to all new video of the war drama “Homefront ", this action game in first person proposes a new trend in regard to titles of this genre. Consoles PS3 , Xbox 360 and platform PC to receive this excellent adventure from next March 18.

Homefront Game

The game's storyline will put us in the year 2027 the United States suffered an economic collapse and the Korean troops have given a statement to the world to form a new Eastern Empire.

The story will show how North Korea is engaged in a series of conflicts and begins to conquer territories. The American army has been defeated and the only defense that remains standing is the population who as a guerrilla attempt to stop this military madness.

Homefront video game New Video Trailer

We are facing a title with an impressive graphics quality and a strong narrative that allows us to explore the human do drama that is being lived. Futuristic weapons game modes and lots of action are the main spices of this promising game.

The developer study proposes an interesting way to play without any help to target the enemy; this is because the resistance is composed of civilians without any prior training. Click For More Information...