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Heavenly Sword  (PS3)

The gods will never grant their power just like that. For the right to own it mortals must bow out with his former life. That's the price had to pay a young Nariko as she picked up the Sword of the Gods. She became the best warrior among men, but, alas, not for long. She has only a few hours before a dangerous weapon will absorb its vitality. But this time would be enough to avenge the death of loved ones!

The fascinating story of Heavenly Sword opens the door to the players in the brutal world of magic and great battles. Main character witnesses the death of his father at the hands of a bloody tyrant, leading his army to the countless ancient relic. Thrilling fight with dangerous enemies, abounding in spectacular tricks and acrobatic stunts, meeting with unusual characters and travel to bewitching beauty of the world - all this awaits those who dare to become the god of war, along with Nariko!

Create a unique fighting style! Nariko has three combat techniques. Free switching between them during battle allows you to combine tricks and create their own unique attack!
The enemies are capable of a lot! Soldiers tyrant, though weaker than the heroine, but are able to attack the group. Each fighter is coordinating its actions with colleagues, and the closer the character to the cherished goal, the fierce resistance of the enemy.
In war, all good! In your hands the most powerful weapon in the world, but its strength is not enough. Make the environment work for you. Tilting tables on enemies, soldiers fling into one another - in this war there is no forbidden techniques!
Guns for everyone! With the sword Nariko was a divine gift warrior. Now she is fluent in any weapon, from spears to destructive bazooka!

Scene worthy of the movies! Massive battles actuated no worse than Hollywood blockbusters. Camera, sound, animation, excellent lighting and gorgeous backgrounds - bloody spectacle is fascinating and breathtaking!
Celebrity in the ranks! In creating the image of an evil king himself participated Andy Serkis. The famous actor who played Gollum in the movie "Lord of the Rings", has given the hero charm, and made acquaintance with him an unforgettable experience! The other characters were also established with the assistance of an actor.

Heavenly Sword  (PS3)

Heavenly Sword  (PS3)

Heavenly Sword  (PS3)