on Friday, March 04, 2011
The word that everyone loves yet everyone hates. Exclusive titles make the difference between similar platforms and what may ultimately tip the balance one way or the other for an undecided buyer. To date 'Gears of War' has been one of the main workhorses for Microsoft and its Xbox 360 despite the constant rumors of jump competition has always been.

Naturally this situation will not change because there is a contractual agreement between Epic and Microsoft that prevents but they are still striking the words of Mike Capps president of the development studio who had to answer the big question is would you like to take the franchise 'Gears of War' PlayStation 3?

This was his answer somewhat cocky by the way:

"What if we'd like to get to all those fans of 'Killzone' and 'Resistance' and tell them how awesome it is 'Gears of War'? Yes, I would certainly love to bring this saga to PlayStation. It would be fun. I want to be there, I want to be everywhere. "

His position is entirely logical as the cost of producing a port of these titles to the Sony console would be ridiculous compared to reap the sales. As an entrepreneur, the view is perfectly understandable Mike Capps but obviously there are other interests at stake. In fact shortly after giving this answer the boss of Epic was quick to thank all that Microsoft has done for them and how they have supported the development of these titles.

Many of us have warned excited by this news but I guess hoping for what it is saying. But as striking as these words must be understood for what they are: mere business concerns, but nothing that will crystallize in the Marcus Fenix jump to Sony's platform. Because we like it or not, the exclusives are part of the business and encourage competitiveness between companies which is very necessary.