on Saturday, March 12, 2011

Dragonshard PC Game Download

PC | Strategy | English | 2005 | 1146 MB

For a thousand years a powerful secret has rested safely in the world of Eberron. It is the Heart of Siberys, a source of limitless power. Three factions now are to decide its faith: The Order of the Flame, The Umbragen and the Lizardfolk.

A Dungeon & Dragons logo on the box cover often means there's an advanced RPG inside. Not this time, however... The game type Real Time Strategy, mixed with a lot of role playing elements.

The RTS part is streamlined in a way that makes this game quite different to play from other such games. The city building part is a simplified; you don't have to build worker units or manage the layout of your cities. The resource gathering is taken care of by the units you produce or even your hero. The game has a surface level and an underground level. Above ground you command your units as in any other RTS, but below ground it's more like a hack n slash dungeon crawler. The D&D rules apply, and you will recognize many of the artifacts and spells if you are familiar with D&D.

Dragonshard | 1146 MB