on Wednesday, March 02, 2011
At this rate it will not be series for games that are free to make the leap to the big screen. And is that the Screen Gems studio responsible (or should I say blame) for the various features on 'Resident Evil' has now become the franchise rights 'Devil May Cry', Also from Capcom to begin shooting a film.

The script is Being Undertaken by Kyle Ward who is also apparently writing the adaptation of 'Kane & Lynch' and the story revolves around Dante's vengeance against the demons that killed her mother. Presumably the argument will end up being just an excuse to put a lot of action, special effects to stop a train and a few scantily clad waitresses.

Devil May Cry Will On Big Screen

The question is that what they are doing now is: Will they use the life-Dante the beloved and Respect by the players or be based on the new 'DMC' that has caused so much controversy? Something tells me that the second option is the one with more points it is logical to want to launch products similar aesthetically to maximize the commercial pull. Expect anything.