on Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Ancient Secrets: Quest for the Golden Key [FINAL] PC Game Download

Long ago, before the ancient Tekka tribe vanished into history, the tribal elders locked away the treasures of this once glorious people in a secret location and scattered the pieces of the key across the world. Join Kate, a young archaeologist, on the adventure of her life as she picks up where her father left off on the search for the ancient secrets of the Tekka. Use your keen eye for detail to solve intricate hidden object challenges, bend your brain with unique puzzles and explore a mysterious world full of helpful characters, exotic locations and surprises at every turn. Embark on this exciting adventure today and discover the ancient secrets for yourself!

• A variety of hidden object gameplay
• Lots of challenging mini-games
• An intriguing storyline

Ancient Secrets: Quest for the Golden Key Final | 65.54 MB