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Test Drive Unlimited 2 (XBOX360)

Test Drive Unlimited 2 - Virtual drivers will be to travel about on the tropical island of Ibiza and Oahu. "In Ibiza, you will have to overcome more than two thousand miles and run a lot of interesting jobs - say the publishers. - Arriving on Oahu, one of the central islands of the Hawaiian archipelago, you will receive an additional 600 kilometers of diverse trails.
The game will provide "more than hundreds of cars available to management, including rare models, a multiplayer mode and some" social function ".

  • Develop
    Test Drive Unlimited 2 boasts many improvements: a dynamic weather, changing time of day, system damage machines, etc. The game features new modes with the updated gameplay - Championship (Championship), school (Racing school), Duel (Duels), Cups (Cups). Races are now held not only on the asphalt, but on the road that led to the appearance in the game a new class of vehicles and hundreds of miles of trails, away from civilization.

  • Adapt
    Create your dream car with the help of various parts, paint and decals. Ask also the appearance of the character and Organize for his house, where he will spend time between races.

  • Compete
    Do not miss the opportunity to be behind the wheel of the world's finest automobiles. Treasures of the global automotive industry by Gumpert, Koenigsegg, Aston Martin, Audi and many other companies as accurately moved to the game designers Eden Studios.

  • Improve
    Automatic updates continually checks for add-ons, so that new content is added to the game on the fly and in real-time integrated into the gaming world.

  • Study
    A new story campaign please vivid characters, and stunning game clips, which will immerse you in an atmosphere of adrenaline world Test Drive Unlimited 2. Create a character and develop it, learning how offline and online world.

  • Communicate
    You will be able to interact with other players and join clubs (guilds), which now occupy in Test Drive Unlimited is very significant place.

  • Explore
    Discover the star of the Mediterranean - the tropical island of Ibiza. New landscapes, architecture and beautiful landscapes - Visit the paradise. Test your strength in a number of unique tasks that are spread across two thousand kilometers of roads in Ibiza. And it's not all! From the airport of Ibiza, you can go on Oahu - one of the central islands of the Hawaiian archipelago, where you will have to wait another 600 kilometers of diverse trails.

  • Win
    Test Drive Unlimited 2 - Representative of the rare genre of massively multiplayer online racing. Improve your character depending on their style of play, and enjoy a variety of modes.

  • Test Drive Unlimited 2 (XBOX360)
    Test Drive Unlimited 2 (XBOX360)

    Test Drive Unlimited 2 (XBOX360)

    Test Drive Unlimited 2 (XBOX360)

    Test Drive Unlimited 2 (XBOX360)