on Tuesday, August 09, 2011
I cannot believe another version of this title would come out so quickly although this is a late post I would still want to try and out place those who are on top.

I am sure many people were amazed of the latter release specially when the USA or English version came out. And just recently A Japanese version of this title came out and thanks to the people who are spending their time translating Japanese titles for the PSP community to enjoy.

I am giving you this which was converted by KEYTOTRUTH/TRUHKEY all credits to him for spending his skills and effort.

I am planning on putting this on torrent as I have it uploaded on megaupload, fileserve, depositfiles, duckload and mediafire already because I know not everyone has high speed internet and they would prefer torrent than direct links.

Name: Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Final Mix.iso
Size: 1.60 GB

Percentage translated(overall): 85%
System messages: 100%
Story: 75%
Commands: 100%
Descriptions: 100%
Report: 60%
Misc: 70%
Secret Episode: 100%