on Friday, February 25, 2011

Rain. (45 minutes)Heavy Rain: Move Edition  (PS3) Multi/RUS

Russian version. Subtle psychological thriller with some unexpected plot twists. Four days that will live through the four heroes who remembered him for life. Each of them - their own destiny, their past and their goals, but all of them, anyway, try to prevent killings, backed by someone nicknamed Origami Master. In the hands of their victims a cold-blooded, calculating and elusive maniac puts paper figures ...

Developments depends on your actions and decisions. You are responsible for the fate of the protagonists, their feelings are felt so keenly, as if everything is happening in reality. Emotional involvement, drama and serious issues raised by developers - all this makes the Heavy Rain original and truly an adult game.

Founders of the project rightly believe that their creation - something more than just a game. "In my opinion, Heavy Rain - is not a game, because it goes beyond most of the traditional paradigm, although it remains fully interactive. We may need to find another name for this kind of entertainment "- said the founder of the studio Quantic Dream, David Cage. Awards "Best of Show", "Best Adventure Game" and "Most Innovative Game", obtained Heavy Rain at E3 2009, confirm these words.

Studio Quantic Dream created such unusual projects as Omikron: The Nomad Soul and Fahrenheit. Each of them, apart close genre framework, has left an indelible mark in the history of the interactive entertainment industry.

* The answer for everything. Happening on the screen is completely dependent on the decisions and actions of the player.
* Serious topics. The game raised a real adult issues and themes. It reflects life in its true light.
Simple operation. The intuitive interface allows the same actions to achieve various results - it all depends on the particular game situation.
* Virtual Reality. Thanks to the smooth, lifelike animation and cutting-edge graphics technology embodied in the game world is frighteningly realistic.
* For true connoisseurs. Available as a special edition of the game.

Heavy Rain: Move Edition  (PS3) Multi/RUS

Heavy Rain: Move Edition  (PS3) Multi/RUS

Heavy Rain: Move Edition  (PS3) Multi/RUS

Heavy Rain: Move Edition  (PS3) Multi/RUS
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