on Friday, February 04, 2011

Eternal Night: Realm of Souls [FINAL] PC Game Download

Eternal Night - Realm of Souls [FINAL] |480 mb
Rescue Egypt from darkness!

When the sun sets on ancient Egypt for seven long days, the Pharaoh calls on a hero to reopen the passage to the Land of the Dead to face the gods themselves! As the Chosen One, explore ghostly underworlds and sunken temples on your search for relics and clues!
Employ alchemy and spells as you solve intricate puzzles composed in stars, ancient hieroglyphics, and more! The gods' gratitude is yours if you can uncover the mystical conspiracy and return the sun god Ra to his place in the sky!

*Journey from Egypt's underworld to heaven itself!
*Employ mystical tools and spells to solve puzzles!
*Stunning first-person hidden-object gameplay!
*Unlock an exclusive e-novel!

*Transport to an era of Egyptian Pharaohs and gods!

Eternal Night - Realm of Souls [FINAL] |480 mb