on Thursday, January 20, 2011

Trainz Simulator 2010 Engineers Edition 

Trainz Simulator 2010 Engineers Edition - Train Simulation Game for the PC platform. This game is the pride of the developers, as it not only playing to simulate the development of a few trains, which also built and not design the environment in which you want to play as if you were an engineer, so the name "Engineers Edition . In this edition, the player will have a lota giant locomotives from the oldest to the most modern of today. Imagine 20 objects to change design, implement and simulate. The number of shares with it, complete with several "zeros". Download it now! Entertain yourself with this Super Train Simulator Now!

* SpeedTree
New simulator Trainz 2010 is the inclusion of SpeedTree. High quality and detailed trees breathe new life to the routes and bring the world to life. Watch the video of high technology on the left for information about SpeedTree.

* New and improved routes
Included in the TS2010: U.S. will launch several new routes to explore, as well as improvements to routes that are used to. These include:
# ECML Doncaster Peterborough
Milwaukee Road # Avery Drexel
# ECML Doncaster Cleethorpes Town
# CN Holly Branch
# Conrail Lincoln Secondary
# CSX Saginaw Sub
# Detroit Connecting Railroad
# Port Captain
# Port Ogden and Northern
# Tutorials

Not sure where to begin with TS2010? Then check out the new tutorials included for you to drive and learn. Tutorials are included to cover the following lessons:
# DCC Control
# Industry
# Unions
# Signage
Control Booth # diesel, electric and steam trains
Passenger # Seasons
# And much more ...

Minimum system requirements:
System: Windows XP (SP3)
Processor: Pentium D 3.4 GHz (or equivalent)
Memory: 1 GB of RAM
Video Card: nVidia Geforce 7200/128MB (or equivalent)
Hard drive: 15 GB Free Hard Drive Space
Trainz Simulator 2010 Engineers Edition | PC | FULL | Single Link | 4 GB