on Saturday, January 08, 2011

The Magic Roundabout is a direct adaptation of the popular video game TV show for children. It's Valentine's Day, a celebration meneante invented by Zebedee. But this time he promises Dougal a wonderful gift if it succeeds in helping everyone else in the village. "Dougal the adventure begin?In this game you can meet all the characters from the TV show. Dougal the grumpy dog. Florence, the girl with good heart, Zebedee, tin magician, Ermintrude, the cow and Dylan the sleepy rabbit.

You will find 17 different mini games which including the competition "to find the treasures hidden for long gameplay. This game has quite User-friendly Interface: Using the mouse allows gamers to perform all actions: shake to find objects hidden in bottles and use them to conduct an orchestra with each of your movements. By playing this game you will enjoy original story keeping the atmosphere and the mood of the series in addition to scenes from the TV series.