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Agatha Christie 2: Murder on the Orient Express PC Game Download

Agatha Christie 2 Murder on the Orient Express | 1.15 GB
Game+Manual+Walkthrough, Just Unrar and Play

Climb aboard the luxurious train and become part of the famous Murder mystery as you play the video game adaptation of Agatha Christie's Murder on the Orient Express. Famed game designer Lee Sheldon and AWE Games have teamed up once again to bring mystery adventure fans the second game in the Agatha Christie series. Staying true to the novel, players will step on to the lavish, richly appointed train that departs Istanbul hurtling toward Paris. The train is filled with passengers, one of whom is the high profile Belgian detective Hercule Poirot. A passenger recognizes him, asks for protection, but is turned down. The next day that individual is found dead. Players take on the role of Antoinette Marceau, a new character, who works alongside Poirot to investigate the savage murder. With a train filled of suspects, Antoinette will need every tip that she can garner from Poirot in order to pinpoint the killer.

You are Antoinette Marceau, a junior clerk with the famed Express line stretching from Paris to the Orient. You are tasked by your employer with aiding the great Belgian detective Hercule Poirot as he returns to his adopted England from a sojourn in the East. All does not go smoothly, however , an avalanche traps the train in the remote Yugoslavian mountains, and a rather unsavory passenger is murdered in his sleep! Who wanted him dead, and why? Luckily, you do not have to solve this mystery alone - you have the inimitable little grey cells of Hercule Poirot, who himself was sidelined in the avalanche, at your disposal! Will it be enough? Will you be able to live up to the clever Belgian’s expectations?

Early in the game you'll be able to choose one of two levels of difficulty. In the more difficult "Challenge" mode, you solve the mystery yourself with only brief comments from Poirot. Get more hints and suggestions from Poirot by choosing the "Cooperative" mode. The game features several alternate endings to provide surprises for those who are familiar with Christie's original ending.

Game Features:
* An astonishing ending different from the original novel.
* Experience the new and very creative built-in hint system as Hercule Poirot acts as your mentor and confidante.
* Shadow and interact with over 25 different characters throughout your investigation to gain insight on each suspect.
* Visually impressive 2.5D graphics and weather effects immerse you deeper into the mystery without the requirement of expensive hardware.
* Poirot is voiced by David Suchet who played the character in films.
* Several alternate endings.
* 20+ hours of engrossing gameplay.

Agatha Christie 2 Murder on the Orient Express | PC | FULL | 1.15 GB