on Saturday, August 13, 2011
God Eater BurstI am surely gonna be the first to get this and make publicly available here so if you want to be one of the first recipient read the yellow colored box at the bottom of this and subscribe for you to be notified once out.

This is one of the best RPG's of the year and for sure this is gonna slowly be leech via torrents, megaupload and rapidshare. So stay tune and I will quickly put it on adrive.

I will try to provide some cheats too and try to translate it in English because this is available in Japanese only. Surely not everyone can enjoy it unless you know how to read kanji / katakana?

If I have plenty of time I will convert this to cso too. Because this is gonna be huge for sure... But quality will be affected. Dang what am I talking about? For sure you want decent details so below are in game snapshots:

Name: God Eater Burst.iso
Size: 1.6 GB (1693498354 bytes)