on Wednesday, August 17, 2011
Latest game of this month and I am grateful to update this blog it's September now and Christmas is near that means we will be expecting more new releases.

If you haven't been to the forums I bet you should because that's more updated than this site... What's the address??? http://www.pspmygames.org yup you read it right if not wear eye glasses or ask someone to read it for you lol.

Okay so what's new with this title??? Farts I do not know hahaha Do you??? Well leave it via the comments and I will really appreciate it...

Here we go again babbling where I am good at. I don;t know maybe torrent knows or megaupload??? aha what about cheats?? Well I almost forgot this is not ENLISH I repeat this is not English.

I think that's enough babbling for now. Good luck Mr. G :)

Name: Bleach Heat The Soul 7.iso
Size: 534.5MB (560496640 bytes)