on Saturday, August 20, 2011
Right it's close to be out but not quite we need one and half month but flight action game fanatics out there if you've missed this title then you have chance to try the demo as we all wait for the release of the full iso I am sure there are many fanatics out there and before anyone else on the WWW write something about this sorry folks I am the first and hope I get pulled up on top, You know the rules...

I hope this get's available via torrent I promise to be the first to have this uploaded amongst the neighbor blogs and forums but for the mean time as well all wait here a teaser DEMO which requires Original Sony Firmware 6.30 no folks it's not working on CFW GEN and M33 try patching it if you want here's a detailed guide hope it works kindly report via the comments if it was a success.

After this surely lame ga-mers can't leave without using a cheat so be sure to subscribe and as soon as the official is release I will surely include some here as well as walkthrough.

Name: Ace Combat Joint Assault.iso
Size: 120MB (120164 bytes)