on Monday, August 15, 2011
I published a similar title called Maters The Art of Learning but that's more of a tutor, This time it's more of pro type I'm not just sure if it's beginner friendly like the one mentioned above.

It also features a story where the I don't know what yo call them but the King, Queen, Pawn, Bishop etc. where changed into crazy looking characters and when you loose them they get beaten by your enemies odd looking character, You'll see what I'm talking about when you tried it.

This isn't popular as a matter of fact IGN gave it a score of 6.0 passable, Reviews on other site says there's nothing new but the looks and designs where just changed which is not so appealing since this type of a gam e is supposed to be using your brain not become amazed with the looks if you know what I mean and Oh this is old school for sure released November 2006.

Name: Online Chess Kingdoms.iso
Size: 214.62 MB