on Thursday, August 18, 2011
This is Major League Baseball 2K10.iso I already have this since Wednesday but adrive has been acting badly since yesterday where I cannot upload normally, I am only getting 50kbps up stream instead of 2MBPS it's such a waste of time if I continue so I canceled and will resume when everything's back to normal.

Please take note that I am not sure whether this is already patch or not, I need to check from you guys who have already got it, If not then I will be glad to upload a new and working file or at least a ripkit and I will make sure that it will work on any latest custom firmware like M33 and GEN-C, GEN-D3 etc.

This is also available on major consoles like PS2 and 3, XBOX360, Wii, DS and of course for PC. I know you want cheats and walkthroughs as well as cwcheat but there isn't any yet so we have to wait and again as soon as I see such I will include that here. Right hope what I wrote here is enough and I wish I am the first to have written such article about the title wheww... Good luck to me...

Name: MLB2k10.iso
Size: 1.5GB (1648683008 bytes)