on Saturday, August 20, 2011
I have no idea what this is but I read a little in order to write something here and it seems like it is based on manga art by KiKuya and story by cyberconnect2 that's according to Wikipedia. It seem to be popular in vietnam as that's where the highest trend is I am wondering how can I get this page to become on top in that country or data center, Well I do not think it's worth trying because the competition is high unless I make huge amount of back links well I think it's not worth it so I'm just giving it to them [as if I'm pro :)] How I wish.

Let's shift topic why don't we just provide cheats about this or maybe a walkthrough better yet a cwcheat now why would you use such? I don't know I just cant think of anything to discuss or say (grin), Anyway I need to add more words to make this page looking tidy and organize to my visitors and myself so what else can I say? Hmmm let me think and while I am thinking I will post this first and update this later If something came up of my brain (if I have any) lols...

Ooops before I forget this is Japanese by the way and no there is not any English if ever there is I am not aware of it!!!

Name: Hack Link.iso
Size: 1015.8MB (1065123840 bytes)

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