on Saturday, August 20, 2011
Alright folks I am back from being lost somewhere in the sense of time. It's been a freaky week for me but as I always mention I can't sleep without updating this site and Oh I am so happy that I finally decided to purchase a domain for this blog and hopefully I can manage to rebuild links and make this be known around the globe.

To give you a quick summary of this title it's similar to one of those Command and Conquer Strategy gam es. I tried it myself and it was pretty good, As a matter of fact it took a score of 8.4 from IGN dubbed impressive, Although there are stages where you may encounter lags but that appears rare so watch out and report if ever you experience it.

I have nothing else to say so I hope you enjoy this, Before I forget I am sad to tell you but I may not be able to upload on adrive anymore due to ISP issues I may still but that's TBA at the moment if you want me to continue putting files on adrive then donate but I wont oblige you to do so.... Thanks and hope you enjoy this old school gam e.

Name: Field Commander.iso
Size: 460.88 MB