on Friday, August 19, 2011
How are things going here? it's been two days since I showed up. There isn't any excitement in the scene so I bother not showed up :) But I can't sleep without updating this site with something new so here's a retarded mini that I tried myself and I tell you it is annoying and non sense. This is the first ever mini I tried and so far I am disappointed as if I will never try such stuff again :(

Well I think that's what minis are designed for so I shouldn't be expecting that much as I said just want something to publish here. I might not be aware that someone wants this particular release and if ever there is I hope you enjoy it :)

I am happy to tell you that this is already patch and working 100% sure on GEN-C, M33-6 and GEN D-3. I would like to share some thoughts about how it works when played, First of all I am not into playing 2D environment g4mez another is top view which is the annoying part, in addition the fire buttons were separate like when the enemy is in front of you, You have to press triangle and x when at bottom and so forth. It could have been better if they used one button firing the gun.

Name: The Terminator.cso
Size: 9.2MB (9622882 bytes)