on Saturday, August 20, 2011

Another PS1 original gam e which I converted yesterday, I never saw this on my console during the PS1 but I tested this myself and it's 100% working, It's similar to Hermie HopperHead but the concept is quite different hopperhead is better though compared to this.

I a lot a few minutes trying it but did not last because I am not interested it's just to try whether it's working or not and I'm glad that is indeed. On the first level there will be a dialogue which I first thought was RPG type but it's just an instructor who will guide you throughout the g ame.

Another is the weird tree where if you jumped on it someone will push you down and the enemies are pigs yes sir I think they're wild boars but they're pink so I think they're not and they have horns.

I guess that's all for this title hope you enjoy this dee.

Name: TOMBA.rar
Size: 180.9MB (189654358 bytes)