on Saturday, August 20, 2011

If I ever get on top of SERPs then let me tell you that I just took this from the one above me that is if you are viewing this page from google :), It's been a lazy week and darn I was late earlier going to work and I hate it that I want to punch you in the face lols just kidding.

So what's the trend with this? Okay found it hopefully big G send me on top of the mountain hahaha. If not that's okay I am moving anyway. Babble yes babble that's what I always do if I can't think of anything to write but to be honest I am a fan of this during the PS1 my elder brother and I always buy a disc about this title specially when there is anew release, I remember you can play by two's on split screen mode and that was fun.

Please take note that this is not tested by me, I will later and report back if it's worth saving on your memory not on your brain but the Pro Duo :) OOOpz I am making non sense already so that's it for today cheers and stay cool...

Name: ARMY MEN - SARGE'S HEROES 2 - SLES-03316.rar
Size: 28MB (29346576 bytes)