on Thursday, August 11, 2011
Silent Hill Shattered Memories PSP
I was thinking whether to publish this today or just do it tomorrow but I do not want this site to be late having this awaited game of many psp fans as well as silent hill patronizers.

It was release yesterday January 19, 2010 but I am not aware that it's already out so I just had it published today. Someone asked for this to be uploaded from the chatbox but it was not released yet during that time.

The file is working and tested on GEN only and not on M33 I maybe wrong but I haven't tried t on M33 so I cannot guarantee that it works. If your on M33 you have to wait for a ripkit to come out or a patch and once there is I will definitely update this page.

I was thinking of including ESRB ratings on all of the games for people to be aware if it is suitable for them or not silent hill shattered memories is rated M by ESRB.

Name: Silent Hill Shattered Memories.iso
Size: 967MB (1014005760 bytes)