on Wednesday, December 02, 2009
I am rewriting this post because again this was scraped by several sites. As they want to earn without exerting any effort those bummers I hope go to hmmm you know what I mean...

Anyway what's the trend with this title? To be honest I do not know hahaha but I know a keyword that may get me on top and that's tadaaa... torrent this is quite hot today because many people are resorting on getting files via torrent and I myself do get difficult to find gaems on torrent.

And you know what this that I have made available here originally came from torrents yes it did but Im just bubbling because it did not really I just want to target that keyword to get traffic so If you were bummed because of what I wrote here then sorry.

Patch what does it mean? I think it means that the file I uploaded here is already patch. Oh okay I'm such a bummer...

Note: This is already patched so it should work without a glitch. Please report any craics you may encounter

Name: Pro Soccer Evolution 2010.iso (wrong name again lol)
Size: 985.4MB (1033275392 bytes)