on Saturday, December 05, 2009

Penumbra PC Game, Horror, First Person Shooting, FPS

Penumbra is a horror game in first person in the line of classics like Resident Evil and Silent Hill. Using the latest in computer graphics and physics engine, the game creates a world completely surrounding the player.The game is dark, frightening and dangerous. It was developed by a team of students from Sweden, with impressive dynamic shadow effects, maps and details that create a dark environment where the animal has no place.

Game Modes
There are two game modes: the movement and interaction. To move the mouse cursor is at the center of the screen (and, indeed, is hidden, unless an object to be examined), facilitating the movement of the mouse.In interaction mode, the cursor is always visible and can move freely within their vision. Thus, soil character and their actions are fascinating, but require many movements during rounds. However, this provides a much more interaction with objects. The best option, perhaps, is to change the two modes, depending on location and situation.


Unlike other traditional games of the genre, Penumbra is much more flexible and dynamic objects are not fixed in place. For example, you can collect the boxes and put them on top of others, remove the lids, open doors, throw things, go downstairs, and more.During the journey, the character must collect objects that can be used in other situations. All items are stored in a bag that can be accessed by the TAB key. These elements have a specific role within the game without them, can not continue.

Penumbra is an interactive, challenge your brain with puzzles that evolve and convincing arguments. It is definitely a game that promises to be one of the best free games this year!

Size: 156,00 MB
Operating system: Windows XP/2000
License: Free (free)