on Monday, November 09, 2009


You might have played many types of racing game like car racing, bike racing, bicycle racing and so on. But this time you should try TRUCKER 2 PC GAME. Trucker 2 is latest 2009 PC game which let you drive a huge truck. This game is all about truck and its mission. The will experience a unique adventure and difficulties that a pro truck driver feels all day driving. The game includes 60 levels and five different types of truck to deal with it. The game has influential graphic work. Based on Nvidia PhysX engine you can figure out all kind of small and big damages that you truck gets. The difference between weather conditioning, the change of day and night, seasonal change could be experience including it's driving difficulties. Truck usually takes huge rutes, is suppose to run of huge high way which crosses again multiple small big roads. It makes you feel adventure when you drive some of these kind of high ways with multiple different types of cars trucks, tunnels, crossing etc. etc.

Many of us has a kind of mentality to experience something different, something that never had done before. Though there are varieties of thing, some could be achieve and experience physically but some are quite impossible vary by different individuals. But If you got the game like trucker 2 2009 you can atleast experience the truck driving if were needed.

System: Windows XP/512 MB RAM, Vista/1GB RAM
Graphics card: Pixel Shader 2.0

System: Windows XP/1 GB RAM, Vista/2GB RAM
Graphics card: Pixel Shader 3.0