on Monday, November 23, 2009
Super old school release whenever it may be. I am lazy looking for details so I am just going to babble about this or maybe not because I can't even think of something to babble hehehe. You see how lazy I am? Nah, I am just sick as in I have colds and I have to sniff the falling mucus before it falls on my shirt that's every 15 seconds lols.

Okay so what about the title what is it and how is it played? answer is, I do not know but hey I published a newer one last 2009 maybe worth trying. Right anyway of finishing this quicly like a flash of lightning? Yes for sure just use cheats cheat codes, cwcheat and walkthroughs, hints, etc. they can all be found on the world wide web just not here because I do not know hahaha.

We need to add more bluffing so here we go hmmm what else just can't think of any now but I can tell something ooops wait I need to wipe my nose, Oh I missed it fell on the ground dang :(

Name: F1 Grand Prix Platinum.cso
Size: 328.9MB (344909369 bytes)