on Thursday, November 19, 2009
F1 2009 for PSP is now available for free on this site.

This is another awesome release from Codemasters. Release November 16, 2009 right I was four days late in publishing this.

I am an F1 fan myself so I published this as soon as I can.

What I liked about the game is that the controls were improved if you played other F1 racing games it is so difficult to maneuver on curves but F1 2009 was made uniquely so you wont get frustrated looking or making some strategies to not get yourself hit on the fence.

Quickly release the X button or the Gas and turn left or right and you wont hit yourself on the fence, It seems like some kind of an automatic stuff controlling the car that will prevent you from hitting the fence.

I highly recommend this game for F1 fans out there users and critics at gamespot gave this a score of 7.3

Name: F1 2009.cso
Size: 419.8MB (440240700 bytes)


Update: Ripped Version (Smaller File)

Name: F1 2009.cso
Size: 183.8MB (192757055 bytes)