on Sunday, November 01, 2009
Be prepared as the rambunctious animal crack wise upon you. As he cracks he will provide cheats, hints, walkthroughs, guides, saves and if possible screenshots to easily wack up his enemies.

Another thing which you need are the codes to open the doors of becoming an expert in playing which can be found online by searching. I had one of those on PS2 but I am not sure if it is applicable on PlayStation Portable. They say there are many cutscenes and pictures taken from the original version.

Before you fall on the blackpit you will need some kind of a rope to hold on to and swing your way to the top, Some of them have clues in finding your out of the secrets revealed.

Alright that's enough stuffing I hope I still make it to the top just like before :) Oh I published a new version of this entitled The Lost Frontier

Name: Daxter.cso
Size: 134.7MB (141207013 bytes)