on Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Counter Strike Condition Zero Download, Cracked, Full version, Free Links, ISO file

What kind of term you want to use in respect of this game? well i would like to use a term " Legendary Game" i thought this would be more appropriate. Counter Strike is the best shooting game which influence all the gamers across the world and brings a new area of best playable gaming controls. No dough there were countless number of shooting game but the accuracy, realism, initialization and true sense of first person shooting game experience was Counter Strike and is Counter Strike because it's latest version keeps on coming. Saying this is no wrong that if you have not yet experienced playing Counter Strike in your PC then you haven't yet experience the true adventure of PC gaming.

Lets share some real information about Counter Strike. I am mentioning some of them if you like to share some of your information then you just need to comment down.

Bots are a C.P.U player. Let's say inbuilt player which can be add or removed to you. There weapon, skill, bravely and co-operation is defined, it can change you just need to select the one you feel fit.

You will find lots of different maps. These maps are very clear and descriptive. Each and every map has their own level of easiness and difficulties. It depends on you who much you are familiar with map or maps.

A large collection of chosen ammunition which either mostly used by the terrorist of military. Different types of weapons has different level of impact. The impact and use of weapon might vary upon map to map. Some i will like to are he-grenade, Maverick, CV47, Sniper Rifles, Shotguns, Pistol like Night Hawk and others, Knife, Tactical Shield, Night Vision, Helmet and so on.

Every stages or maps have different types of challenges. There are four level of game play and that is Easy, Normal, Hard and Expert. Each level has their own adventure and difficulties.