on Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Cities XL 2009 PC, 3D Strategic Game, Simulator Game

Cities XL 2009 PC Games is a simulator type gaming on which a gamer suppose to build a full operative virtual city. No doubt that the a fully functional and operative city required full planing and outstanding management skills and that's the basic task of the game. Using flexible 3D map you can easily switch you position and direction to makes your construction activity more accurate. The most of the structural materials that require to built the game is American, Europe and Asian types. The means most of the famous stuffs you might needed is covered.

If you are upto building the entire city then you should remember all the big and small, important or ignoramus issues. The important places like hospital, park, school, companies, railways, airways, highways etc cannot be ignorant. When you build these placing then you will definitely require some people to operate it. Hence, this way a new job opportunity for the Cities XL people generated.

This is just a virtual game you cannot compare with real world. But stills at the time of playing you will realize what kind of situation could be arrise for guided and unguided city. The clear that you can act or thing like a GOD but atleast you can understand that if the administration of city is not good when what kind of possible difficulties could a city and it's citizens can face.

Game features:
* The newest city-building simulator, combining single-player game and co-operative online mode
* The variety of landscapes: the maps there are mountains, hills, canyons, beaches, islands ...
* Manage the urban infrastructure - parks, and erect break up residential neighborhoods, urban food supply and provides work
* A huge collection of buildings belonging to the American, Asian and European architectural schools
* Different climatic conditions: from the tropics and deserts to temperate conditions of the Mediterranean
* The original multiplayer mode with a developed system of relations between the players - you can build a city together with friends

System requirements:
Operating System: Windows XP SP3 or Vista sp1
Cpu: Intel core 2 or higher
Memory: 1.5gb (xp) 2 gb ram (vista)
Hard Drive Space: 8 GB of free space
Graphics Hardware: geforce 8800/ati radeon hd 3850 or higher, 512mb ram, DirectX 9.0c