on Friday, October 09, 2009
I am just rewriting this to tidy things up and to freshen my post as some sites might have scraped this already so here we go.

S0C0M franchise has been a success since it's release as a matter of fact I have collected all of it's variants in this site due to high demand first was the SFTB 1 , SFTB 2 and the latest is 3

I am not a fan of it myself due to the glitches on the controls but I haven't tried the latest if some improvements were made that is specifically for PlayStation Portable not with the big consoles because my Brother and I finished the 2nd release on my PS2.

Gaemspot gave this a score of 7.5 it seems like the author did not like this kind of a gmae because he maybe expecting a first person shooting type, That's what I expected as well and having said that it's not the best that you can have on your PlayStation Portable due to the difficulty managing the controls.

Name: SOCOM US Navy Seals Tactical Strike.cso
Size: 929.3MB (974413119 bytes)