on Saturday, October 03, 2009
There is nothing to write about this but fatalities is hot so I think I will focus on that. What the heck is fatalities regarding the title? Have you ever had the chance of playing this in the past I think this was a hit during the 80s or maybe 90s because yes I myself played it it was one of those ugly looking 2D graphics.

But let's go back to fatalities if do not know what it is then I will tell you, Let me relate it with a 90s gaem that you might be familiar with let's say Marvel vs Capcom isn't it that when your enemy is almost dead you use some kind of a special move that will finish your opponent instantly? Yes son that's similar to fatality.

So now you know and if you landed here looking for such then you came to the wrong place because I do not know such stuff please look somewhere else. :) peace

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