on Monday, October 05, 2009
I've been seeing comparisons, arguments, and what should we call it wars maybe haha that's over rated but when you search about this you will surely get yourself dumped into people arguing what's the best among them for the year 2010.

They are cracking with each other as to what's better between 2K10, Live 10 and 10 The Inside. I was a fan of Live since PS1 so I always look forward to their releases but when NBA2K10 was released for PlayStation Portable, I tried it and did not become so interested due to poor graphics and somewhat uncomfortable with the controls.

The gameplay was different compared to what I became used with Live that's not for portable console though. The first NBA I played was 08 that was a trial back then because there wasn't any HEN for the 3000 that time.

About those arguments that you may read or get yourself into this is what I can say try all the releases and judge for yourself which among them is the best.

Name: NBA2K10.iso
Size: 1.4GB (1519958016 bytes)