on Monday, October 12, 2009
This is not an iso but a cso it was originally an iso but rip and unnecessary files were removed to save some space on the memory stick. If you've played GripShift then they are quite similar I just can't remember who among then is better but on top of my head I think this is better than GS.

The name H0T Wh3els we all know is popular franchise of toy collectibles but that's not what happened on this release because I read some reports that it did not sell well in the market. Geamspot gave it a score of 6.0 while IGN with 5.9 both of which is a fair score.

Just like the typical toys you can collect as many as available cars within the gaem which you can to race and unlock other collectibles and tracks. Right that's all I can write about this hope you enjoy playing this. :)

Name: Hot Wheels Ultimate Racing.cso
Size: 84.8MB (88893267 bytes)