on Wednesday, October 14, 2009
Okay This is a rip version and some unnecessary files were removed, I m not sure how valuable they are but I think it's better to have it this way because most are just dummy files and not needed languages.

Just like my previous publications I have no idea about this nor would I have the interest of playing this because again I do not play RPG, I can't remember where I got this from but I think it was from torrent. I thought I could have easily done it when it came from megaupload but torrent was the first to have obtain it so I took from there.

I am also planning on including a walkthrough here but I'll do that later because I am leaving after a few minutes and I will need to do something else when I arrived, If it's not late yet then I will update this page with a walkthrough

Name: Half Minute Hero.cso
Size: 19.7MB (20640083 bytes)