on Tuesday, October 13, 2009
I don't know what this is all about I read some details but in just split seconds I lost it and never planned to go back where I read it from so just to give an idea which maybe non sense this is RPG yes it is but I do not play such stuff because I hate dialogue types where you almost have no interaction with the character, I mean you do not fully control them, You just give them commands etc.

Besides this is made for kids or elementary and high school because on top of my head that's what I read about it, You go to school as a student and everything starts there. You will be a given an option what kind of personality you have and that will affect your character within the geam.

I am not sure if you will be dealing with monsters or enemies just like a typical RPG and I am out of words to say, I hope this is enough and this serve as crumbs on this page, I just need to publish this now so people can see and enjoy this.

To add IGN gave this game a score of 5.1 and Gamespot with 6.0 from critic and user.

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