on Friday, October 23, 2009
This is based on the Cartoon Movie entitle guess what clue the second word on the title. Yup :)

Join Lightning McQueen while he is preparing for the ROR competition.

Waste no time and train well to compete against the villains Chick Hicks who don’t always compete fairly.

Race on different locations and tracks such as beaches, cities and off to the Baja desert.

Full customizable cars e.g. visual and improve your abilities while on the way.

The finale consists of a fully modified, ultimate Lightning McQueen racing against a fully modified Chick Hicks for the Race-O-Rama trophy.

GS did not rate it but users and critics gave it a score of 5.x while IGN gave it a 5.0 which looks to be fare.

Name: Cars Race Orama.iso
Size: 227.7MB (238769718 bytes)