on Sunday, October 18, 2009
This was asked to be published by someone from the CB, I tried it myself just to check If it;s working and it does work 100% on M33-6 and GEN-C.

Upon trying I got bored quickly because of it's long intro, To many dialogues and that character is freakin' female how in the world would a man play this release if the character is female? I'd rather just throw this on the bin for that reason, Are you a retarded queer to spend time with this title? No thank you sir.

I did took this from torrent by the way because I found it on megaupload then I put it on adrive because it is faster than megaupload. There could be cheats somewhere and I will look for some later and update this page.

That's it for the mean time do not forget to bookmark this or subzcribe at the bottom to receive updates.

Name: Breath of Fire 3.cso
Size: 169.3MB (177527464 bytes)