on Thursday, October 22, 2009
This is similar to The Secret Saturdays. This is the latest amongst B10 releases I published Protector of Earth and AF in the past. I think I do not have to target anything with this post because I already have the necessary keywords that I can use to compete so all I need to do is babble yes that's what I need to make for this to have a content.

But it could have been better if I add some details but I am not in the mood so I better babble lols. What about another keyword like torrent might give us some points so why not discuss about torrent or maybe megaupload because people always think it is available on megaupload but sometimes it's not okay because there are times when megaupload get's annoying like when you are getting a file and it keeps saying that d0wnl0ad exceeded even though It's just the first of several parts.

So you see I think I better stick with adrive at this point. Ahhh I need to add more so what else can I say? Oh yes going back to torrent could there be cheats on torrent? Maybe but very rare sometimes it comes with the file. Hope this is enough Oh I almost forgot that you need a ripkit or patch for this to work. I am not dure of this working or not so again you may need a ripkit for this.

Name: Ben10 Alien Force Vilgax Attacks.iso
Size: 491.3MB (515174394 bytes)