on Thursday, October 01, 2009
Army Rangers 3D
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get and download now Army Rangers 3D for your mobile phone with screen resoution 176 x 220.
Army Ranger 3D is undoubtedly one of the best shooters in the first place on the mobile stage.
At first, you will become an island in the remote Arctic, where your goal is to find a group of criminals who take psychotropic drugs and bring them rerouted to avoid the market. It is not until you put in a desperate fight the fire. All is not lost however, as earlier in this unfortunate mission, you have a squad of elite rather small for you. If you can not bring himself to command them to come under pressure, they will give you the advantage. If not, they fall like flies, making it very difficult for even the score. By rotating through your arsenal from the beginning, you learn that need outside the semi-automatic rifle, a few grenades and a knife. It is advisable to use the weapon to snipe the enemy from afar, shot as a clear head will not only save you valuable ammunition, but also stop it dead! A pomegranate is the perfect host a few enemies at once, but be careful, because you have only three. Finally, the knife a little more Gore-tastic than others, but effective (if you succeed is dodge bullets).

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