on Tuesday, September 29, 2009
This time an old release original request by darkrathalos but now inactive and often not see him visiting :D.

I am happy because I've learn a little how to optimize every post I make and that is by reading, searching and most importantly applying what I learned which in turn becomes experimenting and thus became successful.

I cannot write a review about this since I am not a fan of Tom Clancy. My brother bought several discs for me but I never really played them because it makes my head ache due to camera movement, I had disc on my PS1, PS2 and PC but never played it on portable PlayStation.

I know this is popular but not for me every time I play it, It makes me feel sick and vomit. There's not much I can say now and I hope you enjoy playing this. Thanks and good luck to y'all.

Name: Splinter Cell Essentials.iso
Size: 1.7GB (1812267008 bytes)