on Thursday, May 14, 2009
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Everybody shines in Cranium, the outrageously funny smash-hit Hasbro game. On your quest to make it to Planet Cranium, the Cranium-o-matic will select from over 300 mini-games for you to play. Find out if you're a Creative Cat, Data Head, Word Worm or Star Performer. Complete puzzles, answer trivia questions, unscramble words and keep the beat to win points. You'll collect stars as you go - and discover talents you never knew you had! Start your journey to Planet Cranium now!

* Single player options: Play the main game and try to improve yourself, and unlock minigames to play at your leisure.
* Over 300 different virtual Cranium puzzles waiting to be challenged
* All the characters and crazy art-style of the board game
* Fantastic mix of tasks to test all your skills while you're on the move!
* Take a different path to Planet Cranium every time you play!

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