on Friday, April 17, 2009
Heroes of War NanoWarrior 3D
mobiloe phone games | java | 240 x 320 | jar

Second 3D shooter from series Heroes of War will immerse player into the atmosphere of Special Forces action of the future. The player will take control over the commando in the ultramodern battle suit, fighting the global terrorist threat.

- Cutting-edge 3D graphics of the highest level;
- Dynamic lighting, anti-aliasing and special effects;
- Dynamic gameplay and detailed tutorial at the start of the game;
- Abundance of mini-games that enliven the game process;
- Realistic surround sound;
- Unique adventure and thrilling story.

Player’s abilities:

- Battle suit with restoring ability;
- Energetic shield that protects from bullets;
- Infrared mode of aiming that operates in dark premises;
- Ability to reassemble the modular weapon on the run;
- Hacking computer terminals and high altitude jumping;
- Sniper’s mode and silent shooting mode;
- Invisibility allowing to avoid enemies’ fire.

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